Twitter Bio:Your personal page with a purpose. | Need help? Go to https://t.co/TAcShqUvfn
Src1:About.me is an online social directory known for its simple one-page profiles designed to serve as digital business cards for individuals or businesses.

Src2:About.me is a free service that lets you create a beautiful one-page website that makes it easy for people to find your content and learn about you. Upload a photo, write a short bio, and add your favorite social networks to show the world the big picture of you.


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Src1:5pillows specializes in customer service apps designed to make it easier for companies of all kinds to provide excellent customer service and positive customer experiences. Their flagship platform empowers sales and support teams to answer all customer questions from every channel in one central place.

Src2:We believe in customer service that is human, remarkable and easy to a customer. Try our friendly and beautiful app to a better customer experience.


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Src1:4Screens offers a family of products for adding interactive elements to any website. The solutions make it easier to strengthen web content and boost the experience of visitors to your site.

Src2:Using 4screens platform and its suite of products, modern marketers create engaging interactive content and real-time social experiences without development


Twitter Bio:1010data is the world’s leading big data discovery and data sharing platform. #BigData #Analytics #BigDataDiscovery #AdvancedAnalytics #DataBlending
Src1:1010data offers a suite of Big Data discovery and analytics solutions all in a single platform. 1010data solutions are customizable for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, gaming, government, telecom and financial services.

Src2:1010data offers the only enterprise-scale, self-service platform for data management, analytics and application building.