Twitter Bio:On the Official Vidyard Twitter page you’ll hear from video experts, find helpful how-tos, and get a peek inside Vidyard HQ. Say Hello to Video!

Src1:Vidyard provides a video marketing and analytics platform enabling marketers, content producers, and publishers to generate revenue with video marketing by tracking individual viewer data using marketing automation and CRM tools.

Src2:As the world’s leading video marketing platform, Vidyard’s technology shows our customers exactly how viewers interact with their videos. Along with hosting video content, Vidyard reveals who’s watching videos, and for how long with detailed viewer analytics and engagement data that can be pushed directly into a MAP and CRM, turning views into sales.


Twitter Bio:Creating emotions, one video at a time

Src2:Make beautiful videos, online, easily! How to make travel movies, wedding videos, promo ads, property virtual tours: just add photos, clips, music and watch your video!


Twitter Bio:Online video encoding, hosting, streaming, monetization, syndication and more.
Src1:Playwire is a web-based video content management platform that offers online video hosting service for publishers and advertisers to encode, host, syndicate, stream and monetize their videos as well as competitively buy and sell their video inventory.

Src2:Playwire is the best HTML5 video player and platform to monetize content. Manage content, stream video and serve ads all in one place.


Twitter Bio:Everyone has stories worth telling. Create and share compelling, visual stories with the music you love.
For assists – @FlipagramHelp


Src2:Bring Moments to Life! Create short photo video stories with your photos, videos clips, and favorite music.


Twitter Bio:SnapStudioPlus – Create professional video ads in minutes using your existing photos/videos and embed on your website or post to YouTube.

Src2:Create video online, Create video online for youtube, Create video online with photos, Make video ads that showcase your business with our video ad making software! Create video ads online with our free images and video clips for all industries.


Twitter Bio:We create beautiful, interactive videos that work across devices. Sign up for newsletters, industry news and event invitations here:

Src2:Brainient helps advertisers increase the performance of their video campaigns through interactive video advertising and personalized video retargeting

Beachfront Media

Twitter Bio:Beachfront Media is a leading video technology company enabling distribution and monetization of video across all screens.

Src2:We offer video distribution and monetization. We work with publishers, advertisers, and enterprises to help with their video strategy.


Twitter Bio:The Leading Internet TV Ad Platform

Src2:Tubi TV is the next generation TV company.

Think ‘Free Netflix’. Tubi TV is the world’s largest library of FREE TV shows and movies. If you’re looking for more challenges and responsibilities and want to make an impact in the consumer media space with films and TV shows, then help lead the digital revolution for films and TV shows.

Tubi TV is a owned and operated property of adRise, Inc.


Twitter Bio:We are NCR, a global consumer transactions tech company, making more than 550 million #transactions possible every day. #Financial #Retail #Travel #Hospitality

Src2:NCR runs the everyday transactions that make your life easier and create exceptional experiences that keep your customers coming back.


Twitter Bio:Crushpath is the #1 B2B customer acquisition service

Src2:Crushpath is the #1 B2B customer acquisition tool. It changes the game by bringing your customers to you – fast.