Twitter Bio:Our software enables companies to improve their business processes by leveraging their existing data. We’re the team behind @Yurbi, FlowDot, and MailSync.
Src1:5000fish, Inc., a Business Intelligence (BI) software company, creates innovative products for business users to make data-informed business decisions.

Src2:5000fish is the company behind Yurbi, Flowdot, InsightWorthy, and MailSync. We create technology that you can believe it.

4xLabs – Innovation in foreign exchange

Twitter Bio:
Src1:4xLabs builds mobile apps, APIs and software platforms that help international business operations keep on top of current foreign exchange currency rates and compliance policies. 4xLabs is a fast­ growing Singapore­ company with offices in Thailand, India, and Vietnam.

Src2:4xLabs is a forward thinking technology company that is bringing efficiency and transparency to the foreign exchange market.


Twitter Bio:Using 4screens platform and its suite of products, modern marketers create engaging #interactivecontent and real-time social experiences without coding skills.
Src1:4Screens offers a family of products for adding interactive elements to any website. The solutions make it easier to strengthen web content and boost the experience of visitors to your site.

Src2:Using 4screens platform and its suite of products, modern marketers create engaging interactive content and real-time social experiences without development


Twitter Bio:3VR provides video intelligence solutions for real-time security and customer insights.
Src1:3VR is a video intelligence company featuring a range of products purpose-built to leverage advanced video technology, including video analytics and APIs, for retail stores, shopping centers and a multitude of other establishments where heavy foot traffic is normal. Based in San Francisco, 3VR is the standard for hundreds of global customers.

Src2:3VR is the leader in intelligent surveillance & search hardware / software that allows mining of video data. Call 415-513-4611 for info on surveillance products


Twitter Bio:Enagage consumers like never before with our powerful mobile gamification platform
Src1:The 3radical gamification platform is a powerful on demand platform that enables Brands to connect with consumers innovatively.

Src2:3radical provides brands with a new communication channel to connect directly with consumers while impacting their behaviour in a measurable way.


Twitter Bio:Cloud-based contact center solutions made easy with seamless CRM integration and the latest in VOIP and Web 2.0 technologies.
Src1:3CLogic offers a full suite of cloud based inbound and outbound customer interaction channels such as voice, chat and social media which integrate with existing CRM software.

Src2:3CLogic is the leading provider of cloud contact center solutions. Take a look.


Twitter Bio:The #smb #marketingautomation Sales Enablement Service for Small + Midsize Business #Marketers + #Sales to attract, nurture, acquire, retain & connect Customers
Src1:366 Degrees is a Platform as a Service for business communications that help our clients acquire, nurture, retain and grow customers. It is a product of OMI which focuses on assisting businesses in engaging clients across Customer Lifecycles; Marketing, Sales, Operations and Commerce

Src2:The 366° Degrees Cloud Centric | Customer Focused | Engagement Platform
Orchestrate inbound and outbound communications to measure customer engagement


Twitter Bio:Empowering data-driven senders with tools built for the modern email landscape. #SeriousSenders
Src1:250ok is an email analytics innovator enabling enterprises to obtain better email deliverability, preserve their brand reputation, and boost customer engagement. The Indianapolis-based SaaS company is trusted by some of the world’s largest senders.

Src2:250ok’s email deliverability tools help marketers improve inbox placement and increase viewership.

1Point Interactive

Twitter Bio:1Point can provide you with state of the art services and systems to manage your interactive marketing campaigns at jaw dropping low prices.
Src1:1PointMail is an enterprise level marketing platform that allows marketers to design and execute campaigns across multiple channels providing cost efficiency via scheduled or action triggered events and delivering highly targeted on-brand communication. The 1PointMail marketing platform supports the entire marketing process incorporating campaign management, personalization, delivery, response management and campaign reporting. Our support team is with you every step of the way to help you use the technology and provide expert advice and guidance on the very best email practices. High Performance Team. High Performance Products. Improve your Email Marketing ROI today!

Src2:Enterprise Email Solutions 1Point Interactive


Twitter Bio:Simple, collaborative software designed for creative teams. Learn more about 10,000ft Plans & 10,000ft Insights.
Src1:10000ft features collaboration solutions for creative thinkers. Since launching in 2012, the Seattle-based company has grown to serve organizations in over 100 countries tracking over 200,000 projects, adding up to seven million hours in the system. Their first offering, 10,000ft Plans, has received an Interaction Design Award, an Industrial Design Association Award, and was a finalist at SxSW.

Src2:10,000ft makes simple, collaborative software to help creative organizations thrive. Learn more about 10,000ft Plans & 10,000ft Insights.